"Nat Myers wasn’t made for these times. The Brooklyn-based singer-guitarist belongs to the era of itinerant folk-blues troubadours who rode the rails, busked on streetcorners behind an upturned fedora, raised hell on Saturday nights at the juke joint, and cut their songs straight to a lathe in tiny makeshift studios and died before their time." - Tinnitist

Nat Myers first started playing folk and blues as a self-taught street

performer before playing into traditional venues. On a small parlor

guitar he brings the guts out of the strings. His upcoming release is a

compilation of field recordings cut directly onto a lathe. His songs

have been called "unvarnished throwbacks." He performs both

originals and the standards he was raised on, and is part of a

burgeoning folk scene in Brooklyn. When not in New York, you can

find him at home in Covington, Kentucky.



March, 2019

“The folk-blues troubadour wasn't made for these times. But I'm glad he's here.”


March, 2019

“Here’s a neat, vintage-sounding track to help ease you into the weekend, a little treasure from a young Kentucky bluesman named Nat Myers.”





email: nat@gnatmyers.com

phone: 859-380-9635


“My mama always told me sometimes it hit, sometimes it don’t.”